Precious Promises

God has given you 7,487 "exceedingly great and precious promises..." II Pt. 1:4

Here's a few just for you.

Learn the Basics Online

Pastors Tommy and Rachel Burchfield

Pastors Tommy and Rachel Burchfield

Welcome to Believers Bible Institute where you can learn Bible basics online and experience life as a believer in Jesus Christ. These outlines represent over thirty years of Pastors Tommy and Rachel’s personal ministry notes, now made available to equip you to know God and make Him known.

1. Become A Student of God’s Word

Make your Bible reading a priority. Put it first place in your life and everything else will fall into place. Select a location and time to study daily and be committed to it. Begin with twenty minutes daily.

2. Pray Before You Open Your Bible

As you open God’s Word, ask Him to open your eyes to see “wonderful things in His Word.” Ps. 119:18

3. Keep A Notebook and Highlighter Nearby

At the top of most outlines, you’ll find the foundational scriptures. Highlight those in your Bible. Read them several times. Try to memorize them. As you read, questions or thoughts may come to your mind. Write them down! They may be the beginning of a Spirit-led treasure hunt.

4. Depend on the Holy Spirit to Teach You

How exciting it is to have your own personal tutor, the Holy Spirit. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, He lives inside of you and talks inside of you. This inside voice will guide you into truth. Jn. 16:13


2015 BWOC Bible Reading Plan


B-  Begin with prayer

“Open my eyes, that I may see wonderful things from Your Law.”  Ps. 119:18

W- Who?  Where?  What?  When?  Why?

Who was this chapter, book or promise written to? What were the surrounding circumstances? Write down any thoughts or questions you have.

O- Observe any lists, key words or repeated phrases.

As the Holy Spirit reminds you of a similar scripture, read it#treasurehunt

C-  Confess the Word of God out loud.

To walk with God, we must agree with Him.  To confess means to “agree with God.”



50 Favorite Scriptures for 2015

Highlight these scriptures, and write in your Bible’s margin the letter which corresponds with their category.  Read them out loud often, and you’ll be stronger in the Lord by the end of the year.  Parents, this is a great family Bible challenge!

S = Salvation

P = Promise

R = Relationships

C = Confessions of Faith



S = John 3:16

P = Proverbs 3:5-6

R = Ephesians 4:31-32

C = Philippians 4:13



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